Meet the Anything Electric Team



A little about me. Formerly, I was involved in the agricultural sector as a dairy farmer. I took the plunge and left the 4:30 am to 10:00 pm hours of tending a farming lifestyle and substituted that for managing an electrical business from 6:30 am to 12:00 am.

I have been fortunate in both of my careers to have made great friends and business associates, and do something I am passionate about.

Another great thing about my life, I am married to my business partner Linda. (Click on her bio if you want to get to know a really great person). The best sell job I ever did was getting her to say yes.

My one main goal in life is to never stop learning. That is one of the reasons I like the electrical trade and building our business Anything Electric. I have to continually learn new skills and keep myself informed and trained in the latest and greatest things in the electrical field. Those close to me know that I would go back to school in a second if I had the time. I have enjoyed my years as a student and then as a teacher, teaching new students in the electrical field.

I also have found that as I continue in my position as head of our company there are a lot of things I cannot do; not my skill set or ability. This leads me to one of the other great things I like about my job is the people and associates that help run and build our company. I like people. I like to get to know them, I like to learn from them and I know that where I am lacking they are there to help. I hope in some way that I can help them in return.

Some of my interests and hobbies are, reading, photography, travel and keeping abreast of the latest and greatest in electrical trends and technology.

Did I mention that I have a great wife and six great kids. As the head of this herd of kids one of the things that I strove to do was keep them safe. I know that this is also something that people want to do for their families and friends. This brings me to another passion about my vocation. I want people to enjoy the benefits of the safe and wise use of electricity. I have done that for my family and friends and I know I can do that for you.




I'm Linda. I enjoy being a customer service representative and dispatcher for our company. As a wife and mother of 6 almost-grown children I can appreciate how disruptive and disturbing an unexpected electrical failure can be to a busy family. When you call with that electrical emergency I want to discover your needs and get one of our skilled electricians to your home as quickly as possible. One of the things I enjoy the most about my job is making that phone call to your home when the job is done. I want to know how well we did our job and to assure you that we will be there for you whenever you need us in the future.



Hello, I am John Mouck. A few years ago, I added a log addition to my farmhouse, with an indoor pool and sauna. The right choice for the electrical work was Anything Electric—fair price, quality workmanship, with my wants and needs fully understood and met.

When asked to join this forward-thinking, green-minded company as a shop manager, I was excited at the chance to use my many years of automotive car, light truck and heavy truck experience. With no hesitation I joined the team.

We appreciate you taking time to read about us. We hope you give us a try.




Hi, my name is Darrel. I have been working in the electrical trade for over 35 years. I retired from Hydro One after 32 years service and joined Anything Electric in 2009. I get a great deal of satisfaction from performing good quality work that makes our customers happy.



Hi, my name is Paul. I have been with Anything Electric for five years. I have several years in the electrical trade, having previously obtained my Electrical Engineering Technician Diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming College. I have completed additional training at St. Lawrence College in Kingston and have earned the title of Journeyman and Electrician.

My goal is to ensure your electrical needs and desires are met while keeping your electrical system working properly and safely. Safety is my priority when working on any electrical system. I look forward to fulfilling your needs and requirements.



Hi there! My name is Terri. Most of my family are members of different trades which has fed my interest in the electrical industry.

As a single parent, it is important to me to be the best influence on my three children, who look up to me. My new career as an Electrical Apprentice has made me and my children very proud. They are excited to say to people, “My mommy can do that! She’s an electrician!”

I’m honoured to be a part of the Anything Electric team, and I look forward to learning all I can. I am confident that my apprenticeship with Anything Electric is the best decision I’ve made. As an Electrical Journeyman I will provide you the best care I can, and insure that your home is safe, while providing you with the customer service you deserve.




I joined Anything Electric in May of 2011. I am thrilled to have been a part of organizing a new office to accommodate the expanding needs of our customers and this rapidly growing company.

My primary responsibilities include bookkeeping, invoicing and accounts receivable. In addition, I am pleased to help provide our customers with solutions to their often unique electrical needs.

Whether you have an electrical problem, are starting a project, looking to upgrade, or just want to know what’s new, call me here at Anything Electric.




Hi, my name is Peter. I’ve been in the “fix it” business for 40 years. I started at Bell Canada as an installer, and worked there for 3 years. I served my electrical apprenticeship and became a tradesman at Alcan Canada, in Kingston, where I worked for 10 years. For the past 27 years of my career, I was the Electrician at the Napanee Hospital.

I look forward to meeting your needs in the commercial, farm, or residential sector. I hope to meet you in the future.



Hi, I’m George. I am a former member of the Canadian Forces, an auto enthusiast, and Electrical Apprentice for Anything Electric.

I’ve been married to my lovely wife for 6 years, and still feel like I’m on my honeymoon—to the annoyance of our two teenagers.

My 35 years of electro-mechanical experience, and my belief in a job done right is evident in the work that I do as part of the Anything Electric team. I am happiest when you are pleased with the service and care I provide.



Hello, my name is Bill. I have been with Anything Electric for eight years, and have a Masters Electrician license. I enjoy using my troubleshooting skills and experience to help you with situations and to get you back up and running, whether it be your business, farm or home. At the end of the day it is rewarding to know that there are more satisfied customers as a result of our quality workmanship and professionalism.