Solar: FIT & MicroFIT

What can you expect from Anything Electric?

We take a holistic approach to energy when it concerns our environment. We promote the production of environmentally positive electricity production, mainly through Photo Voltaic (PV) energy production, but also investigate and promote other technologies to help reduce your energy consumption.

Because we are a full-service electrical company we can provide you with a cost effective PV system to produce electricity to sell to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). We will do an evaluation of your situation and recommend the most cost effective installation to provide maximum returns over the 20 year contract.

We can also at your request introduce you to the latest in technology, energy saving equipment, and techniques to help reduce energy consumption. This also saves you money and helps the environment.

In our own operations we do the little things that together make a big difference, both in our service and pledge to you, but also in our environmental footprint.

  1. We use local suppliers for our products. We work hard to maintain a trusting relationship with those we choose to purchase from and we trust that they will provide us with the best and most reliable components at a fair price. For you, this means that behind us is another trustworthy company that also is looking out for you.
  2. Along with our supply partners, we seek out those products that provide the best value in reliability and technology. We have learned that products that may be cheaper to buy do not always provide the best value and cost effectiveness over the long term. We are proud and confident to use sma inverters, lgk pv panels, zillarac roof mounting systems, fabrac ground mount support and degerenergy tracking systems.

    We can source other brands at a customer's request but these are the ones we choose to use.
  3. We, and our local suppliers, continually work together to maintain the required Ontario content percentage as specified under the MicroFIT program.
  4. Because we are the local provider, we seek to support and outsource any other needed trades and expertise locally. The 100-Mile Diet is not just in relationship to what we eat but the ethical and environmental choice to use local people whenever we can. As a local business we also support our local community through sports and community sponsorships.
  5. Though we enjoy promoting and working in the solar industry this is not all we do. We know that this gives us an advantage in that we are in it for the long term. We are here today and will be there for you tomorrow. From day ONE to last day of your 20 year opportunity we will be here because solar is not all that we do.
  6. We have made the investment in the latest of diagnostic equipment, tools and training because if a problem should present itself in a system we personally installed or in any another system we will be there for you. We also will continue to update our skills and learn about the newest technology and improvements to continue to provide the best choices for those we work with.
  7. We like what we do. We like helping people fulfil their dreams and goals concerning energy production and environmental responsibility.
  8. Everyone's situation and circumstances are different, and because of that we look at each installation on its own. One size or solution does not fit all.