Alternative Energy

One of the most exciting and developing areas in the industry is in the area of green energy. We help people understand the opportunities presented to them from generating electrical power, whether for sale to the utility grid or for their own personal use. Many options exist and we can help navigate the path to your green energy plan.

We take great care to find those energy saving items, devices, tips, and habits and advise you on how to reduce your consumption.

Alternative energy is an energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel. It includes solar, wind, hydro, water turbines, and biomass energy production. They are often described with adjectives such as “renewable”, “sustainable, green”, “environmental”, “positive”. The term “alternative” presupposes a set of undesirable energy technologies against which “alternative energies” are contrasted.

At Anything Electric we can provide alternative energy systems in solar, both Photo Voltaic (PV) and passive water technologies, and small scale wind turbines.


Solar: FIT, MicroFIT & Net Metering

No new Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) projects are being approved, but we can help maintain the efficiency of your existing projects to maximize the return for the remainder of your contract. The only solar connections allowed to the grid are net metering which, reduces your monthly hydro bill,but does not generate any income. Trained staff are available to help guide you through any required approval process and can also visit your site and give an accurate projection as to the cost, projected output and the payback time period so you can decide as to the financial feasibility of the project.
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Solar: Off-Grid

If the idea of electrical independence appeals to you, or the location of your house or cottage makes it uneconomical to hook to the local grid, we can provide expert advice as to what is needed to make off-grid power generation a reality. We can help and explain what is needed to make it feasible for your situation.

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For those situations when you need power to get you through the times when the electrical grid is down or just not available, a standby or portable generator can fit the need. We can help you explore different options and get the correct unit for your situation. We have different solutions to fit every need, budget, and size requirement.

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