Solar Energy: Off Grid

Maybe an off grid power system is the right choice for you. At Anything Electric we can explore this option with you.

Maybe the economics of your situation do not support the installation of a utility tie-in, because of distance or other cost factors. Maybe you feel ‘Off Grid’ is the most environmentally responsible choice for you. Maybe you desire the independence and feeling you get knowing that you are not dependent on someone else for you energy–especially in times of grid outages and weather challenges. Maybe you desire a simpler, more independent lifestyle, and the production of your own electrical energy appeals to you. Maybe you look forward to being freedom from having a monthly energy bill.

We can help you research your options, determine your energy needs, help guide you in reduction of your energy needs, and design a system with you to incorporate those methods that best suit your situation. Whether it is Photo Voltaic Solar, Passive Solar Water heating, wind turbines, or generators we have the training, sources, and abilities to provide a system that meets your requirements.

We think that producing your own energy has exciting possibilities as materials and products become more cost competitive and new technologies improve the reliability and sustainability of this option.

Whether it is for a new home, a cottage off the beaten track, or an addition to your existing residence let us use our knowledge and expertise to help make your plans a reality.

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