Service Plan: Commercial

Minimising the downtime in your business by ensuring that your equipment functions properly. Performing regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance will keep your critical equipment operating at its peak performance.

What’s included?

  • Checking and adjusting equipment to factory specifications.
  • Cleaning of internal parts.
  • Changing filters and other parts at the intervals specified.
  • Inspecting for worn, and damaged parts.
  • Reporting any necessary repairs.

Prevention is the key

Discover the little things before they become big problems. Regularly scheduled equipment inspections and maintenance can prevent costly failures and repairs. We’ll report these findings to you and suggest any work that may be required for optimal performance.

Customized for your needs

We tailor the plan to meet the needs and desires of your business. This means you get only the services you need.

We have a plan

HVAC EQUIPMENT: Change filters, clean condensers, check operation and function, and inspect condition of components.

REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT: Clean cooling condensers.

COOKING EQUIPMENT: Inspect devices for equipment wear, and clean components to insure smooth operation.

COFFEE & BEVERAGE EQUIPMENT: Inspection, minor cleaning, and recalibration.

We prepare a written report for you explaining what work was performed, what might be possible future repairs, and an estimate of repairs.

Also, because we appreciate your trust in us we reduce our normal hourly rate by 10% for other work done between scheduled visits.

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