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The owner of Anything Electric, as well as several of our technicians have first-hand knowledge of owning a farm, so we understand farm operations have unique electrical needs. Many farm environments are extreme environments that require electricity to perform in a safe and effective manner to protect individuals and livestock. Simple modifications–such as making sure all building wiring is securely fastened and protected, and replacing damaged conduit or cable–will eliminate risks. As the technological requirements of your farm operation grows, we can ensure that your facility is safe, reliable, and efficient in its energy use.

Did you know?

The Ontario Electrical Code requires the use of special electrical panels, receptacle boxes, switch enclosures, and lighting fixtures, which resist dust and corrosive elements, in some farm buildings.

The type of electrical cable required in farm buildings (particularly livestock barns) is different than common cable used to wire homes.

For example, if the wire size selected for long circuit runs is too small, voltage can drop 5% causing a 25% increase in motor heating, and shortened life.

We can help update older wiring and systems to bring it up to today’s safety standards. For new installations we bring our comprehensive understanding of agriculture so that the result is not just safe, but also efficient, and designed for the convenience and durability.

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