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Don’t Be Caught with Your Amps Down

When the power goes out it is great to have the peace of mind of a stand by generator. Whether it is a portable, or a fully automatic model, we have the expertise to help you choose the right option for you and provide a safe and reliable system that keeps your home or business up and running when the power grid is down. For safety, reliability, and convenience, we have the solution you need. Whether for an new or an older existing installation we can also provide extra peace of mind with a yearly Generator Care Plan to keep everything in top working condition. For some of our pricing look at our GENERATOR PACKAGES.

Each system has its own advantages; below are some of the main components.



Keeps your lights on so you stay safe.


Keeps your essentials on:

  • medical equipment
  • fridge/freezer
  • well pump
  • furnace


Carry on with your life


  • Aesthetically pleasing and quiet.
  • It’s always ready, even when you’re away from home.

Generator Solutions

Just like Anything Electric, a generator is there when you really need it!

Everyone has a different level of expectation when they look at the convenience that a generator provides. Some are willing to manually hook up, start, and transfer the loads to the generator, and others want the convenience of letting it handle everything automatically, from sensing the loss of utility power, starting the generator, transferring the load and then doing it all in reverse when utility power is restored.

We offer different packages to meet each individual need at a price that is affordable for any budget. We can also customize a package for your unique needs.

  • Solution 1

    Automatic generator back-up

    Starts automatically when power is lost from the utility company, and re-energizes those important necessary loads.

  • Solution 2

    Standby generator (8 kw, portable), with generator panel install

    Electric start, must be physically hooked up when needed, and started.

  • Solution 3

    Meter transfer ring with 8 kw generator

    Electric start, must be manually hooked up and loads switched off in main panel.

  • Solution 4

    Meter transfer ring, customer supplies the generator

    Customer supplied generator, must be manually hooked up and loads switched off in main panel.

  • Solution 5

    Installation of generator panel to existing panel and transferring of required circuits to the generator panel

    When the power goes out the customer will hook up the customer-supplied generator to provide the circuits that are needed.

  • Solution 6

    Installation of combination generator panel

    If you need a breaker panel installed to replace your existing fuse panel, Anything Electric can install a panel incorporating both regular and generator sections at the same time.

Each system has it’s own advantages; below are some of the main components.

With a GenerLink package a 5 inch ring is installed between the meter and meter base. This has an advantage of very quick installation time, but the utility provider must be scheduled to come for the install. This can be arranged for you by us. This type of installation allows any load in your house panel to be powered from the generator, the limit being the capacity of the generator itself. The generator must be manually positioned, hooked up and started when utility power is lost, and manually removed when utility power is restored.

The installation of a manual transfer switch can be in many different types and configurations but usually it consists of a panel which feed the loads that you want powered in the event of a power outage. The generator must be manually positioned, hooked up, started, and then the switch manually moved to the generator position. This has the advantage that loads are determined before hand and the load is sized to what your generator can power.

The automatic start and transfer generators offer the greatest in convenience and reliability. They need to be connected to a source of either propane or natural gas, and because of this there is no need to worry as to whether the fuel has gone stale. They also monitor the utility power and start and transfer the load to the generator automatically. This means they can provide power to critical loads such as sump pumps, refrigerators, freezers and pressure pumps even when no one is at home to start and hook it up. They offer the greatest in peace of mind and reliability.

If you are interested in uninterrupted, worry-free, reliable power, call us today. We would be happy to meet with you, discuss your specific energy requirements and present you with some options.

There are many choices available in terms of price and convenience, so let us help you match a system to your specific individual needs.

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