Residential Services

You care about the safety of those that are important to you. As we service your electrical needs we continually assess your situation and work with you to provide a safe home for you and your family.

Along with the safe use of electricity we can help you use it wisely, by exploring and suggesting ways to conserve, helping you to save money and the environment.

Residential homes are one of the largest areas of interaction between people and energy. People of all ages depend on safe and efficient use of electricity every day. Using electricity wisely requires safe and responsible use of power. We are always ready to respond quickly to emergency situations that can intrude upon your life. We are also there to perform routine maintenance and inspections so those preventable emergencies don’t happen, offering SERVICE PLANS to give you the assurance that your home electrical system is up to the latest standards. We are more than just electricians when your home is concerned–we consider ourselves energy consultants. Beyond safety, responsible energy use is one of the main goals of our company. We want to help you in these areas too, by offering the latest in energy efficient lighting, timers to automate unneeded equipment, and energy monitoring systems to help you get a handle on your energy consumption.

We also have access to the latest products that can help enhance your life. Products such as intercoms, home theatre packages, music wherever you want in your home, and a wide range of switches and receptacles colours to give that redecorating project that added touch.

Our retrofitting packages include the installation of tamper resistant receptacles and LED lit GFI and hall receptacles to provide your families with the safest electrical environment.

We can retrofit homes for those with mobility challenges to give easier access to switches and receptacles, provide occupancy sensors for automatic lighting upon room entry, and discreet L.E.D. lighting in receptacles that automatically provide access in the night. We also have a “stove minder’ that can provide a high level of safety by turning off the electric range if it is left unattended for a predetermined length of time.

Also check out our CUSTOMER SERVICE PLAN to see the benefits of having a yearly check up on you home electrical system. For those with alternate energy systems, we also provide a Care Plans that include yearly inspections, and maintenance and repair. Whether you own a Solar Photovoltaic Grid-Tied System, an Off-Grid Solar System, or a standby generator we can provide a SERVICE CARE PLAN to meet your needs.

Some of Our Services:

  • Custom Home Renovations
  • Trouble Shooting & Repair
  • Fixture & Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Automatic Lighting Controls
  • GFCI Protection
  • Smoke Alarm & CO Alarm Detectors
  • Full Panel, Whole Home Surge Protection
  • Indoor Lighting Design, Upgrades & Installation
  • Additional Electrical Circuits & Outlets
  • Complete Electrical Rewiring
  • Electrical Service Panel Safety Repairs or Replacement
  • Correction of Electrical Code Violations
  • Transformers
  • Main Service Repair & Replacement
  • Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Wiring
  • Aluminum Wiring Solutions
  • Knob and Tube Wiring Solutions
  • Security and Landscape Lighting
  • Emergency Standby Generators
  • Electrical Inspections for real estate sales, insurance purposes, and peace of mind
  • Real Estate Closing Repairs
  • Mobile Home CSA / Silver Seal Acquisition
  • Data/Communication Lines
  • Dedicated Computer Circuits
  • How to Label Your Electrical Panel
  • Electric Car Chargers

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